Discover 13 Top Romantic Restaurants in Antigua for Unforgettable Evenings

Romantic restaurants in Antigua

Antigua, with its embrace of sun-kissed beaches and turquoise waters, stands as an idyllic destination for romance seekers. The island’s allure is not just confined to its picturesque landscapes but extends to a vibrant culinary scene that promises a sensory journey for every palate.

From cliffside dining at Sheer Rocks, offering fresh tapas and breathtaking sea views, to the tranquil beachfront elegance of Catherine’s Café and the cozy charm of Hemingway’s Caribbean Café in the heart of St. John, Antigua presents a rich tapestry of dining experiences. Each location, with its unique ambiance and exquisite cuisine, weaves into the narrative of Antigua as a destination where love and gastronomy walk hand in hand, making it an undeniable choice for those in pursuit of romantic escapades.

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Experience Love and Luxury at Antigua’s Finest Dining Spots

For couples seeking romantic dining experiences in Antigua, here are some of the Antigua Luxury Van team’s top recommendations:

    1. Cecilias High Point Cafe
      • Dress Code: Casual Elegance
      • Food Type: Seafood with a focus on fresh ingredients
      • Description: Known for its warm welcome and the exceptional seafood curry​​.
      • Address: Texaco Dock Rd, and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda
      • Website:
    2. Sheer Rocks
      • Dress Code: Smart Casual
      • Food Type: Innovative tapas with options for larger portions, emphasizing fresh ingredients
      • Description: Features tiered wood decks and curtained dining nooks with open sea views, perfect for a whole-day romantic affair
      • Address: Sheer Rocks at Cocobay Resort, Ffryes Beach, Valley Road, St. Mary’s, Antigua, West Indies
      • Website:
    3. Catherine’s Café
      • Dress Code: Casual Chic
      • Food Type: French cuisine with a focus on healthy salads, freshly baked breads, pastas, and seafood mains
      • Description: Offers a calm environment with Parisian café elegance, ideal for a romantic beachside dining experience​​.
      • Address: Pigeon Point Beach, English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies.
      • Website:
    4. Jacqui O’s Beach House
      • Dress Code: Beach Chic
      • Food Type: Offers unique dishes like Kedgeree and Filet of Mahi Mahi, focusing on coastal dining
      • Description: Boasts a relaxed vibe with a vibrant bar and access to a secluded beach, making it an excellent choice for a romantic lunch​​.
      • Address: Valley Church, Antigua & Barbuda
      • Website:
    5. Pillars Restaurant
      • Dress Code: Casual Chic
      • Food Type: They offer a diverse selection of items served à la carte for all meals. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner available
      • Description: Nestled at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, they boast an outdoor terrace with an open concept, creating a seamless transition to a romantic evening ambiance for a refined dining experience.
      • Address: 265M+FH9 Nelson’s Dockyard, Dockyard Drive, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda
      • Website:
    6. The Cove Restaurant at The Blue Waters Resort
      • Dress Code: Tailored shorts and smart casual wear
      • Food Type: With flair, they blend Caribbean and French cuisines to create a memorable dining experience for dinner.
      • Description: Uniquely situated on a cliff top, they offer a very warm and romantic entrance that opens to breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.
      • Address: 55C8+VPX Blue Waters Resort and Spa, St John’s, Antigua & Barbuda
      • Website:
    7. 5 Senses Restaurant
      • Dress Code: Casual Chic
      • Food Type: They offer a delightful fusion of French culinary mastery infused with a touch of Mexican influence, offering dinner only.
      • Description: It is a restaurant with a vintage-chic ambiance that offers a sophisticated fine-dining experience.
      • Address: Dockyard Drive, Antigua & Barbuda
      • Website:
    8. The Bay House Restaurant & Bar
      • Dress Code: Casual
      • Food Type: They offer a diverse and exquisite menu inspired by Caribbean and French cuisines, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
      • Description: Enjoy dining al fresco on a delightful terrace with breathtaking views, surrounded by the fragrance of tropical flowers.
      • Address:J. Hadeed St Trade Winds Drive, St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda
      • Website:
    9. Colibri
      • Dress Code: Chic, Casual
      • Food Type: Their menu features French & Creole cuisine, French wines and a craft cocktail list available for happy hour and dinner.
      • Description: This vintage-chic cottage, nestled amidst lush gardens, exudes charm and tranquility at every turn.
      • Address: 57 Dockyard Drive, English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies
      • Website:
    10. Le Bistro French Restaurant
      • Dress Code: Formal
      • Food Type: Fine French Dining
      • Description: Experience an elegant tropical oasis where a sophisticated lounge seamlessly transitions into a stylish bar and dining area, creating a luxurious ambiance for any occasion.
      • Address: Country Club Road, Hodges Bay, St. John’s, Antigua
      • Website:
    11. Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar
      • Dress Code: Casual Relaxed
      • Food Type: Authentic Italian cuisines served for lunch and dinner
      • Description: This waterfront restaurant, boasting a relaxed yet exclusive atmosphere, complete with a renowned lounge bar and a family-friendly vibe, all nestled along the scenic shores of Antigua.
      • Address: Antigua Slipway PO Box 576 Antigua
      • Website:
    12. Indian Summer Antigua
      • Dress Code: Casual, Chic, 
      • Food Type: Fine Indian Dining available for lunch and dinner
      • Description: Where the rich aromas of authentic Indian cuisine mingle with the warm hospitality of a family-run restaurant.
      • Address: Dockyard Drive, Antigua & Barbuda
      • Website:
    13. Private Beach Dinner by Antigua Luxury Vans
      • Dress Code: Beach chic
      • Food Type: To your desires. Since this is a private dining experience for just the two of you. You can celebrate a honeymoon in Antigua, propose to your significant other, or just plan a romantic date with us.​​


Each of these restaurants offers a unique dining experience tailored for romantic outings, with a range of cuisines from seafood to French and Italian. The settings vary from beachside to cliffside, providing diverse atmospheres for every couple’s taste.

To ensure your romantic dining experience in Antigua is as seamless and luxurious as possible, consider booking our exclusive private transportation service in Antigua. With the ability to comfortably accommodate up to 6 people in one vehicle and up to 5 in another, it’s the perfect complement to your evening plans.

Whether you’re dining at the elegant Cove Restaurant at The Blue Waters Resort, experiencing the unique flavors of 5 Senses Restaurant, or enjoying the oceanfront charm of Jacqui O’s Beach House, our luxury van service ensures you arrive in style and comfort. Don’t let transportation be an afterthought on your romantic getaway. Book now and let us take care of the details, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories with your loved one at these romantic restaurants in Antigua.

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