Island Odyssey

Experience the charm of Nelson's Dockyard


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Antigua’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes with our exclusive tour. In one luxurious trip, we cover all the landmarks and most stunning spots in Antigua.

Begin your adventure with a photo stop visit to the iconic Sir Vivian Richard Stadium, and immerse yourself in the island’s sporting heritage. Next, delve into the past at Betty’s Hope, a historic sugar plantation dating back to the 17th century. Then onto the Devil’s Bridge, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean where waves crash against the natural limestone rocks.

Experience the charm of Nelson’s Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Antigua’s naval history. Take in panoramic views of the English Harbour and the surrounding islands in Shirley Heights. Capture the beauty of the sunset as you enjoy a refreshing drink at this historic lookout point.

Proceed to the Interpretation Centre for a captivating presentation on Antigua’s culture and heritage. Then, venture through the lush Rainforest, marveling at the diverse flora and fauna of the tropical paradise.

Conclude your tour with a visit to one of Antigua’s pristine beaches, where you can relax and unwind in the sun and crystal clear waters, before returning to your starting point, rejuvenated and enriched by your Antiguan adventure.

“You’re in charge of your Island experience”

Stop anywhere you want on the way for a picture moment or to enjoy the breathtaking views – pull-out chairs & table provided. Stay connected at all times with WiFi on board.

Included in the Package:

  • Entrance Fees to all sites

  • Cocktail & appetizer

  • Standard amenities

  • Catering for up to four (4) people.


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